Creating Content

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One of my goals this summer is to create content. While I have historically become busy with school work, this summer I am going to set aside dedicated time to content creation.

But what is content creation? I leave the statement intentionally broad because of my broad number of interests such as art, design, technology, business…Because my interests are so broad, I think it makes more sense to talk about more intangible things I would like to develop, rather than narrowed interests. To list a few, I want to develop:
1. Intellect. (Excessive thoughts and slightly philosophical views, that shape world perspective.)
2. Organization, communication, and ability to implement (Business skills. Writing and talking. Finance.)
3. Technical knowledge (Code. Licenses.)

Content consumption is very important for development in any of these areas. But arguably more important, is content creation. Writing thoughts. Solidifying ideas. Furthermore, there are aspects of the above list that cannot be developed by intake, and must be developed by doing.
Thus, enters my plan where I will create things, write things, and share things.

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