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  • How I Choose What Food to Eat
  • Using Data to Make Decisions in a Data Driven Company like Amazon (Optimize for the Global Max, not Local Max)
  • Affirm -- A Viable Business of Making Loans from Loans? (Moneyception)
  • Winner's Curse -- True in Broad Strokes? (Telephone Auction Market Bid Analysis)
  • Tech will Grow (or Cannibalize) Other Industries (like Real Estate)
  • Amazon Hierarchy
  • Detroit's Demise
  • Coca-Cola (KO) Undervalued? Finance Crawler (Part 2)
  • Social Isn't Dead
  • Finance Crawler (Part 1)
  • ArchiveIt! An education revolution?
  • Busted Babies
  • College
  • Do Work, Son
  • Should I Buy (This) Real Estate?
  • Can Baby Clothing Rentals be Profitable?
  • Startups Need to Make Money
  • Passion Rules Obligation